Advance Investment Team

The Advance Multi-Blend Funds are built and monitored by our investment team - experts with a total of over 100 years' experience in financial markets.

At Advance we hand-pick the best available investment managers in the market to create a unique suite of diversified and single sector multi-manager investment solutions that deliver the best risk/return balance for our investors.

Management team

Corrin Collocott, (BSc.(Hons), FIAA) - Chief Investment Officer and Acting Head of Asset Allocation

Corrin joined BT Investment Solutions in November 2015 and was appointed Chief Investment Officer in September 2017. Corrin is responsible for the leadership of the BT Investment Solutions (BTIS) Investment Team and the investment management of all BTIS’ investment products and strategies spanning across Investment, Super, SMA, Model Portfolios and bespoke strategies. 

Prior to being appointed in his current role, Corrin was BTIS’ Head of Asset Allocation and responsible for delivering on the investment objectives for all the BTIS diversified portfolios. His main focus was on the formulation and implementation of strategic asset allocations, along with overseeing the meeting of regulatory requirements, reporting and the preparation of the relevant Board papers containing investment recommendations.

In previous roles, Corrin was Manager - Investment Strategies at Sunsuper where he was responsible for the management of the strategy team and portfolio management of the multi-asset portfolios. He also held a number of roles across a variety of industries including Russell Investment Group, lnTech, MCA NZ Limited, and Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

Corrin has 20 years' industry experience, graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.

Adrian Trollor B.Comm, ACA, CIMA - Head of Investment Specialists

Adrian joined BT Financial Group in December 1999 and was appointed to the role of Head of Investment Specialists, BT Investment Solutions in November 2016. Adrian is responsible for ensuring that client objectives are clearly articulated and reflected in resultant portfolios. He also provides investment advisory services to clients on the articulation of objectives, investment solution design (including glidepath design), sustainable investment strategy and ESG integration.

In his previous roles with BTFG, Adrian gained significant experience in target date and life stage investment approaches, commencing with the design and implementation of BT’s Super for Life Product in 2007. Prior to joining BTFG, Adrian also held positions with Ernst & Young both in Australia and overseas.

Adrian has 23 years’ industry experience and holds the Certified Investment Management Consultant designation through the Investment Management Consultants Association (2007), has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia since 1993 and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (with Merit) from the University of New South Wales. 

James McSkimming, B.Sc., Mathematics - Head of Equities

James joined BT Investment Solutions in October 2016 in the role of Head of Equities. James’s responsibilities include leadership of the Equities Team along with sector strategy, portfolio construction and manager research of the BTIS domestic and international equity and REITs portfolios. 

Prior to joining BTIS, James was Head of Equities Research – Australia and NZ for Russell Investments where he had responsibility for researching and recommending investment managers in Australian and New Zealand equities and Australian small companies. He also worked with other senior Russell leaders to develop and enhance Russell’s research capabilities and was responsible for the design and development of the Russell Australian Responsible Investment ETF.

In other previous roles James was General Manager of Equities and a Director of Glebe Asset Management Limited from 1996-2004. Before moving into funds management in 1990, James had an extensive background in IT, working in a diverse range of financial and technical industries.

James has 27 years’ industry experience and holds a Graduate Diploma in Finance and Investment from FINSIA and is a Fellow (F Fin). He also has a Graduate Diploma Business Administration from UTS, a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) from Flinders University of South Australia and has completed a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Certification.

Daniel Park, B.Com, CFA - Head of Interest Rates

Daniel joined BT Investment Solutions in November 2015 as Portfolio Manager, and in April 2017 was appointed to Head of Interest Rates. Daniel’s responsibilities include leadership of the Interest Rates Team along with sector strategy, portfolio construction and manager research of the BTIS interest rate strategies. 

Prior to joining BTIS, Daniel spent over 5 years as a senior analyst in the Perpetual multi-manager team as the lead on fixed interest and alternative credit portfolios and was responsible for manager research and selection, portfolio construction and researching new opportunities across various asset classes. Daniel also spent 5 years first as a senior analyst then as the Investment Director for FuturePlus Financial Services where he was responsible for advising on manager selection, portfolio construction and asset allocation to the Energy Industry super fund.

Daniel has also held a number of other roles within investment management and structured finance including Senior Investment Analyst at AUSCOAL Super and Maritime Super and as an analyst in the structured finance sector with Moodys Investor Service and AMP Ltd.

Daniel has over 14 years’ investment experience and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales. He is also a CFA Charterholder and member of the CFA society of Sydney. He is in the final stages of a Master of Applied Finance degree with Macquarie University.

Balaji Thiruvengadasamy, BTech (Hons), MFM, MBA – Head of Alternatives

Balaji Thiruvengadasamy joined BT Investment Solutions as the Head of Alternatives in May 2017. Balaji is responsible for the leadership of the Alternatives Team along with development of sector and investment strategy for BTIS’ Alternatives capabilities.

Balaji has extensive experience in alternative risk premia strategies, quantitative investment strategies, the design and pricing of financial contracts, hedging and financing solutions and equity derivatives. Previously Balaji held the position of Director at Barclays located in Hong Kong and Singapore from 2012 to 2016. At Barclays he was responsible for alternative risk-premia solutions for superannuation funds and sovereign wealth funds and structuring quantitative investment strategies for institutional investors.

Prior to Barclays, Balaji worked for Morgan Stanley in equities derivatives and earlier in his career, Balaji was a commissioned officer in the Indian Navy. 

Balaji has 9 years of investment experience and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad, India, a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Mumbai and a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering.

Kirsten Wymer, B.AppFin (Econometrics/Maths), MSc (Applied Mathematics) - Head of Quantitative Analytics

Kirsten joined BT Investment Solutions in May 2016 as Head of Quantitative Analytics and is responsible for leading the quantitative research team who provide quantitative research and modelling to facilitate investment risk taking and portfolio construction. This includes asset allocation and forecasting methodologies, capital budgeting, risk analytics and operational optimisation.

Prior to this Kirsten was working within the BT Equities Derivative Trading team where she was mainly focused on modelling tail risk exposures, derivative pricing and risk modelling, interest rate risk and balance sheet management across structured products and Protect to Grow strategies.

Kirsten has worked across most asset classes within Financial Markets; beginning as a Fixed Income research intern at Macquarie Bank, moving to Westpac Bank as a Graduate Trainee within Quantitative Risk and then transitioning to the Front Office in Electricity Derivatives trading, modelling and risk management before moving to her prior role within the BT Equities Derivative Trading team.

Kirsten has 15 years’ experience in sell side trading and quantitative modelling and has a Bachelor of Applied Finance (Econometrics/Applied Mathematics) and Masters of Science (Applied Mathematics by Research).

Investment team

  • Sonia Bluzmanis, BComm, BA, CIMA – Portfolio Manager - Equities

    Sonia joined BT Investment Solutions in November 2015 as Portfolio Manager within the Equities Investment Team. Sonia is responsible for the day to day management of the Equities and REITs portfolios and the development and maintenance of models as well as working with the Analysts to conduct Manager Research and execute the strategy for the team.

    Prior to BTIS, Sonia spent 8 years in the Colonial First State Investments team where she was a Senior Portfolio Manager responsible for undertaking research of investment managers and portfolio construction for the FirstChoice multi-manager product range. During her time at Colonial she covered a range of sectors including Australian Equity Large Cap, Small Cap and lower volatility strategies, Global Listed Infrastructure, Emerging Market Equity and Listed Property portfolios

    Sonia joined the Colonial First State Investments upon completion of a 2-year wealth management graduate program with the Commonwealth Bank where she completed rotations across Commonwealth & Colonial Products, Colonial First State Global Asset Management and Colonial First State. She has also worked for HSBC Bank Australia in retail sales and corporate banking.

    Sonia has over 13 years’ industry experience and has a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) from Curtin University of Technology, Perth, majoring in Finance and Chinese (Mandarin). She has also received the CIMA designation from the Investment Management Consultants Association Australia.

  • Dominic Mlcek, Bsc – Portfolio Analyst - Equities

    Dominic joined the BT Investment Solutions Team in October 2016 as a Portfolio Analyst within the Equities Team. Dominic’s main responsibilities include undertaking research of domestic equity investment managers and assisting with portfolio construction.

    Prior to this, Dominic worked as a Director and Senior Equity Analyst for eQR Securities within the investments business of BT Financial Group. In this role he was responsible for fundamental stock and sector specific research across mining, mining services, building and construction, and transportation. Dominic also assisted with broader equity market strategies and the management of various equity portfolios through benchmark and sector risk analysis.

    Dominic has 13 years’ investment experience, has a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) degree from the University of Sydney and is a 2018 Level lll CFA candidate.

  • Minna Kim, BComm/LLB, MAppFin - Portfolio Analyst - Equities

    Minna joined BT Investment Solutions in July 2017 as an Analyst in the Equities Team reporting through to James McSkimming, Head of Equities. Minna works closely with the Portfolio Manager and Head of Equities on the day-to-day management of the BTIS international equities and REIT strategies including risk management, manager rebalancing and daily oversight of investment managers. She also contributes to manager research, portfolio construction and the on-going monitoring of these strategies.

    Prior to joining BTIS, Minna was a Manager Research Analyst at AMP Capital where she was focused on the Australian equity multi-manager funds.

    In other previous roles Minna was a Research Analyst at AMP Investment Management and a Compliance Officer at AMP Capital Brookfield.

    Minna has a Bachelor of Commerce and Law (University of NSW) and a Masters of Applied Finance (Macquarie University).

  • Eu Joe Chan, MAppFin, BComm, BE, Mcomm, CFA, CPA - Portfolio Manager - Interest Rates

    Eu Joe joined BT Investment Solutions in July 2017 as Portfolio Manager, Interest Rates reporting through to Dan Park, Head of Interest Rates. Eu Joe’s main responsibilities are the day-to-day management of the underlying portfolios including cash flow management, reviewing and ensuring managers are operating within their mandate constraints and resolving compliance/operational issues. He is also responsible for driving sector reviews, manager research, due diligence and portfolio construction analysis.

    Prior to joining BTIS, Eu Joe was a Portfolio Manager at Perpetual where he was directly responsible for the management of their in-house multi-manager products with a specific focus on both traditional fixed income and alternative assets. He also has a strong direct fixed interest background, in particular in hybrid securities.

    Prior to Perpetual, Eu Joe was an Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager at van Eyk Research, a Manager within the Deloitte Corporate Finance Business, a Credit Analyst at Grange Securities and a Financials Analyst at MLC.

    Eu Joe has 15 years of investment experience and has a Masters of Applied Finance and Investments (FINSIA), Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Engineering & Masters of Commerce (University of Sydney). He is also a CFA Charter holder and has completed the CPA program.

  • James Kerr, BAgEc – Portfolio Manager - Asset Allocation

    James joined BT Investment Solutions/Advance Asset Management in 2007 and is a Portfolio Manager within the Asset Allocation Team. James is responsible for the asset allocation strategy and exposure management for the Diversified portfolios and model portfolios.

    Prior to this James held the role of Portfolio Manager Tactical Asset Allocation, responsible for the design and execution of synthetic investment overlay strategies across the Diversified portfolios.   

    Prior to this James was an Investment Analyst responsible for the management of the asset allocation re-balancing strategy across diversified portfolios, management of cash flows and liquidity levels across all funds, and execution of transactions on portfolio transitions. 

    James has 11 years’ investment experience and graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics in March 2006 and has passed Level II of the CFA exam.

  • Luke Crane, MMath (hons), MSc, FIA – Portfolio Analyst, Asset Allocation

    Luke joined BT Investment Solutions/Advance Asset Management in May 2015 as an Investment Specialist. Luke is responsible for the construction of Superannuation investment strategies, including BTFG’s MySuper portfolios. His experience in the team covers derisking strategies, portfolio solutions, defined benefit investment and liability portfolios and broad asset class selection.

    Prior to joining BTIS Luke worked at Deloitte Australia in the Actuaries and Consulting team. He also previously worked at Aon Hewitt in the UK providing investment advice to both UK and international based defined benefit pension schemes. This role provided extensive experience in investment strategy, liability driven investing, asset allocation, risk modelling and investment implementation. Luke was also responsible for the review and monitoring of custodians, transition managers and securities lending arrangements.

    Luke has 7 years’ industry experience, is a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, and has a Master of Mathematics degree (Honours) from the University of Manchester (UK) and a Master of Science from the Imperial College London (UK). Luke has been a member of the Institute of Actuaries since 2010.

  • Edwin Lung, BE, MSc, MISc – Senior Quantitative Analyst

    Edwin joined the BT Investment Solutions team in January 2017 as a Senior Quantitative Analyst. Edwin’s responsibilities include enhancing the team’s systematic portfolio construction, optimisation and management models, risk analytics library and asset allocation modelling by integrating technical excellence from the sell and buy side.

    Edwin has extensive experience as a Quantitative Analyst and Developer across pricing, risk management and trading solutions for investment banks and financial institutions covering annuities, equities, counterparty credit risk, foreign exchange, commodities, credit derivatives, interest rate products and bonds.

    Edwin was previously Senior Quantitative Engineer at Challenger Limited. Prior to this Edwin held roles at JP Morgan Chase, Westpac and Barclays Capital.

    Edwin has over 16 years’ of industry experience and has a Master of Science in Financial Mathematics from King’s College London, a Master of Information Science and a Bachelor of Engineering with 1st Class Honours.

  • John Allmey, ANZIIF (Assoc) CIP, MBA - Investment Specialist

    John joined the BT Investment Solutions Team in December 2016 as an Investment Specialist. John is responsible for the clear articulation of the BTIS investment philosophy and value proposition in addition to ensuring alignment between investor requirements and investment portfolios.

    Prior to this, John’s role was to provide investment specialist support to BT Financial Group's workplace and direct Superannuation businesses, including involvement with internal and external working groups that drive BT’s and BTIS’ growth strategies for its Superannuation offerings. John has been with the broader BT Financial Group since 2003 and has held a number of other roles including managing key relationships for BT’s internal, external, platform and institutional distribution channels.

    John has 15 years' industry experience, holds a Diploma in Insurance (ANZIIF), is RG146 compliant and has completed his MBA studies at Macquarie University (MGSM).

  • Vernon Van Eck, BCom (Hons), CA - Investment Operations Manager

    Vernon joined BT Investment Solutions/Advance Asset Management in April 2015 as a consultant for the ADA MySuper Program. In July 2017 Vernon was appointed permanently as Investment Operations Manager with responsibility for operational management and oversight of investment related functions such as portfolio transitions, portfolio overlays, data verification, administration relationships and custodial relationships.

    Prior to joining BTIS, Vernon was the COO for Imperia Investment Group, an Asian Event Driven hedge fund. He has also held the COO position for Ellerston Capital and the Head of Operations position at Macquarie Bank’s Equity Markets Group. Vernon held a numbers of roles prior to this in both boutique and large investment management companies.

    Vernon has 20 years’ industry experience, graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree and is a Chartered Accountant.

  • Felicia Owers, BBus Admin – Research Relationship Specialist

    Felicia joined BT Investment Solutions/Advance Asset Management in October 2014 as Senior Research Relationship Manager and is responsible for the researcher ratings reviews and reporting processes of the BTIS Investment Strategies.

    Felicia has extensive experience managing retail research house and dealer group research relationships and has held the role of Relationship Manager for a number of different funds management firms including Perennial Investment Partners, BT Investment Management and ING Investment Management.

    Felicia has 15 years’ industry experience, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance/Marketing) degree from Macquarie University and is RG146 Compliant.

  • Madelaine Broad, BCom – Portfolio Analyst, Investment Specialist

    Madelaine joined the BT Investment Solutions Team as Portfolio Analyst, Investment Specialist in December 2016. Madelaine provides support to the Investment Specialist team through the provision of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

    Previously, Madelaine was an Analyst in the Risk & Governance team at BTIS and was responsible for mandate and SAA compliance and investment manager operational due diligence. Madelaine joined BTIS in 2015 as part of the BT Insurance and Investments Graduate Program.

    Madelaine holds a Bachelor of Commerce (International) (with Distinction) from the University of New South Wales, majoring in Economics. She has passed Level I of the CFA exam.