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Sustainable Investing

We believe the active consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in the investment analysis and decision-making process can enhance our ability to meet the long-term objectives of our funds and provide greater insight into investment risks across time frames. Proxy voting and engagement with the companies in which we invest is fundamental in driving positive portfolio outcomes.

Our Sustainable Investment Policy

The BT Sustainable Investment Policy sets out how we approach sustainable investment across our internally developed and managed investment options, including, for example, the Advance Diversified Multi-Blend Funds.

Reporting to the PRI

BT has been a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2007. BT undertakes a range of reporting, including annual reporting to the PRI, a public version of which can be found below. A significant component of the BT PRI response relates to the activities of Advance.

Reporting on engagement and proxy voting

As a large investor, we are able to influence companies through our assets under management and longā€term investment horizon. We achieve this by influencing the responsible practices of companies in which our funds invest, through engagement with companies and exercising voting rights (known as asset stewardship).

We use a combination of engagement approaches, but primarily engage through EOS at Federated Hermes (Hermes EOS) for global shares and Regnan – Governance Research & Engagement (Regnan) for domestic shares. Reporting on their engagement activities is provided below, along with our proxy voting records.

Climate-related disclosures

We are committed to providing our customers with clear and relevant information regarding our approach to climate-related impacts.

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