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Advance Defensive Yield
Multi-Blend fund

Did you know that rising interest rates may negatively
impact on the value of a fixed interest portfolio?
Learn more about why and strategies for minimising
the impact through our short accredited training program.
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About the Fund

The Advance Defensive Yield Multi-Blend Fund combines investing in short-duration fixed interest securities, an absolute return benchmark (the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill IndexSM) and a multi-manager approach. Investment objective: to provide returns of 2% after fees above the benchmark over the short to medium term. Underlying investment managers: BT Investment Management, Kapstream, Standish.

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Insights and news

The New Defensive
Fixed interest investing for periods of rising interest rates.
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1 November 2014
Managing interest rate sensitivity
This short animation offers a summary of approaches to managing interest rate sensitivity in a fixed interest portfolio.
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1 November 2014

How to invest

Ensure you have read the Advance Defensive Yield Multi-Blend Fund Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before filling in the application form and the relevant identification form.
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