About Fidelity

Fidelity International Limited is a privately-owned asset management firm founded in 1969 in Boston. It manages more than $A354.5 billion for its investors and has more than 400 investment professionals globally, offering one of the largest research capabilities in the world. It is committed to proprietary research, with 90% of its research produced in-house.

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Funds managed

Key personnel

Kate Howitt - Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Australian Opportunities Strategy

Since 2007, Kate Howitt has been a portfolio manager of Australian-benchmarked portfolios in Fidelity's highly successful Australian equities investment team.  She has managed the Fidelity Australian Opportunities Strategy and its antecedents since inception in 2009. She originally joined Fidelity as a research analyst covering banks, insurers and diversified financials.

Prior to Fidelity, Kate was an analyst/portfolio manager with AMP Capital covering financials, food and retail. Before starting her career in funds management, Kate was a member of the group finance executive team at AMP Ltd and a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group in Sydney.

Kate received her Bachelor of Arts from St John’s College, the oldest liberal arts college in the US, and a Master of Business Administration from the top-ranked University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  At Booth, Kate was a recipient of the prestigious Dean’s Award for Distinction.

James Abela - Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Future Leaders Strategy

James Abela started with Fidelity in 2003 as an investment analyst and has been portfolio manager of the Fidelity Future Leaders Strategy since 2009. Prior to that James worked at Constellation Capital Management in consumer staples and consumer discretionary as a portfolio manager.

James has also worked for BNY Equities in food and alcohol and diversified industrials, and for Ernst & Young as a senior consultant.

James has completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Marketing) and a Master of Commerce (Finance, Business Law and Taxation), both at the University of New South Wales.


Why Advance selected Fidelity

Fidelity has been appointed to manage an allocation within our Australian Shares portfolio due to its track record of delivering consistent returns through superior stock selection and portfolio construction.  Fidelity exhibits a number of clear competitive advantages over peers, including a globally-integrated research platform which genuinely leads to superior insights and idea generation.  Fidelity doesn’t subscribe to any one methodology or metric and portfolios can be described as core, but typically exhibit a growth tilt.

Advance has a positive view of the lead portfolio managers for the Fidelity strategies and views the addition of these strategies as improving the stock selection, and increasing the active risk in the Australian shares portfolio.