IMS Funds Management

About IMS Funds Management

IMS Funds Management (IMS Funds) provides investors with access to prime-quality, highly liquid, bonds and money market securities traded by major institutions and banks in the Australian Financial Markets.

The IMS Funds team has extensive experience in monitoring, analysing, managing, researching and investing in all types of fixed interest, corporate, and money market securities.

IMS Funds was established in July 1991 and is located in Melbourne, Australia. IMS Funds has a proven, consistent, and competitive track record in all the fixed interest areas in which it competes.

Funds managed

Key personnel

Bob Harvey, Managing Director, and Head of Investments
Bob is a recognised fixed interest specialist, with over twenty years’ experience in portfolio management, credit analysis, qualitative analysis, and asset allocation.

Bob was previously a fund manager with Sate Bank Investment Management. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance), and is a member of the Economic Society of Victoria.

Isobel Smith, Portfolio Manager
Isobel Smith is responsible for managing the portfolios of fixed interest securities and cash securities.

Isobel has been with the IMS Funds team for over 8 years. Isobel’s experience includes 9 years in Global Custody with State Street Australia Limited where she held the position of Operations Manager, heading a team of 37 and second in charge to the State Manager. Prior experience has been in the stockbroking industry.

Why Advance selected IMS Funds

IMS Funds aims to anticipate the interest rate cycle and adds value by either investing in longer-term securities if it believes interest rates will fall, or switching into shorter-term investments when increases in interest rates are anticipated.