About MacarthurCook Limited

MacarthurCook Limited (MacarthurCook) is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has over 1100 shareholders. Ascalon Capital Managers Limited, a member of the Westpac Group, is MacarthurCook's largest shareholder and owns 18% of the issued shares of the company. The Directors and Senior Executives of MacarthurCook own approximately 15% of the issued shares of the company. MacarthurCook currently manages over $1.5 billion of assets on behalf of 25,000 clients.

MacarthurCook is a member of the Australian Direct Property Investment Association, the Property Council of Australia, the Asian Public Real Estate Association and European Association for Investors in Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles (INREV).

Funds managed

Advance Mortgage Fund

Why Advance selected MacarthurCook

MacarthurCook has a singular focus on investing in property securities and mortgage assets. It applies a disciplined acquisition approach, coupled with strong risk management processes, to property investment and credit approval policies for mortgages. Its asset strategy is to have a mix of mortgages and short-dated assets, and to be diversified geographically and by sector as a source of risk abatement.