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About Phoenix Portfolios

Phoenix Portfolios (Phoenix) is an Australian based wholesale investment management firm established in 2006 to provide tailored investment solutions to a select client base. The company researches, analyses and invests in property, infrastructure and other property related securities.

A boutique business, Phoenix has outsourced all non-investment functions to specialist providers, enabling the investment team to focus solely on investment activities.

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Key personnel

Stuart Cartledge, Portfolio Manager
Stuart Cartledge is the portfolio manager for the Property Securities Product.

Prior to establishing the business in 2006, Stuart had built a very strong track record in the listed property security asset class in his role as Head of Property Securities at Citigroup Asset Management.

Stuart has been actively managing portfolios of domestic securities since 1993 and was instrumental to building the A-REIT business at Citigroup.

Stuart holds a Masters degree in Engineering and Management from the University of Birmingham and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Richard Fakhry, Research Analyst
Richard Fakhry is a research analyst for the Property Securities Product.

Prior to joining Phoenix, Richard worked in a variety of roles at MLC and BlackRock and was part of the BlackRock investment team from August 2006 specialising in A-REITs.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Flinders University, a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance from the Securities Institute of Australia and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.


Why Advance selected Phoenix Portfolios

We selected Phoenix Portfolios because of its demonstrated ability to diversify away from large stocks, manage risks appropriately and realise value in small to mid cap stocks which tend to be ‘under-the-radar’. The benchmark unaware strategy complements the Advance investment requirements and is a highly suited strategy for what Advance seeks from an Australia REIT portfolio manager. We are familiar with Stuart Cartledge from previous roles and depth of experience in the Australian REIT market. Its boutique structure also facilitates a lower cap on funds under management enhancing the team’s ability to out-perform its larger peers.