About Schroders

Schroders offers a range of investment products and is part of the Schroders Group which as at 30 September 2009 managed investment assets of approximately A$251.7 billion worldwide. The Schroders Group is one of the largest and most internationally diverse independent investment managers providing investment management, research and marketing services from offices located in 26 countries. While many financial institutions try to provide all things to their clients, Schroders specialise in just one – pure investment management.

In Australia, Schroders is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schroders plc, a publicly listed UK company descending from a group that can trace its origins in banking and finance back over 200 years. Financial services has been a core business for Schroders in Australia since 1961 and it now manages A$12.6 billion as at 31 August 2009 across a broad range of asset classes.

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Funds managed

Key personnel

Australian equities

Martin Conlon, Head of Australian Equities
Martin is Head of Australian Equities. He is a fund manager and involved in the portfolio construction process for Australian Equity portfolios, while also retaining analytical responsibility for the Telecoms, Property, Developers, Agriculture, IT and gaming sectors. Martin joined Schroders in 1994 and was promoted to Head of Australian Equities in 2003. Prior to joining Schroders he was an accountant at Ernst & Young. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University.

Andrew Fleming, Senior Portfolio Manager
Andrew is a Senior Portfolio Manager and a member of the portfolio construction team for Australian equity portfolios, in addition to analytical responsibilities for the building materials, chemicals, steel, engineering, life insurance, diversified financial and banking sectors.

Andrew Joined Schroders in July 2007. Prior to joining Schroders, Andrew held multiple roles at Credit Suisse Asset Management including Head of Equities. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland and a Master of Economics from Macquarie University.

International equities

Justin Abercrombie, Head of Quantitative Equity Products
Justin joined Schroders in 1996 and was a founding member of the Quantitative Equity Products. Justin oversees all the team equity products. He has over 18 years’ investment experience and prior to joining Schroders he developed currency, bond and equity strategies at quantitative fund manager Pareto Partners. He holds a Degree in Business Economics from the University of Reading and an MSc in Econometrics.

David Philpotts, Fund Manager, Head of Research
David joined Schroders in 1996. With responsibility for research within Quantitative Equity Products, David has been instrumental in developing the team’s proprietary quantitative models with a particular focus on nonparametric techniques. He’s a fund manager with 19 years’ investment experience. His investment career started as an Econometrician at the Bank of England, and he holds a first class Degree in Economics from the University of Warwick and an MSc in Economics.

Why Advance selected Schroders

Australian equities

We're impressed by Schroders' active bottom-up approach and the emphasis it places on stocks which it thinks have the potential to grow shareholder value in the long term. Schroders' quality conservative growth style focuses on businesses' long-term quality and normalised earnings through a full business cycle, not the near-term earnings momentum. We also like Schroders incorporation of macro-economic information in its portfolio positioning and its absolute risk approach.

International equities

Schroders' dynamic style allocation between Value and Quality has the ability to generate higher risk adjusted returns than investing in either style in isolation. Both strategies share a unique but common philosophy of investing on the basis of company fundamentals across an investment universe of extraordinary breadth using a non market cap stock weighting approach. In addition, we have a strong opinion of the investment team, with their competitive advantage being in portfolio construction and risk management.