About Standish

With headquarters in Boston, Standish is a leading investment management firm dedicated to serving sophisticated fixed income investors. Its investment strategies span the wide range of fixed income disciplines and are complemented by a demonstrated ability to design innovative, effective solutions.

Standish aims to provide clients with competitive and consistent investment performance, together with investment counsel, in a partnership that embraces its challenges and meets its goals.

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Standish process

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Funds managed

Key Personnel

David Leduc, Chief Investment Officer

Standish has a deep Global Fixed Income investment team led by David Leduc, CFA (Director of Global Fixed Income and Senior Portfolio Manager) who holds overall direction, leadership, and accountability of Standish’s global fixed income business. David has 21 years of investment experience, including 14 years with Standish. He’s been actively managing Global Fixed Income portfolios since 1999 and was promoted to Director of Global Fixed Income in 2006.

Brendan Murphy, Global Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

In addition to managing multi-sector Global Fixed Income portfolios, Brendan is responsible for helping to formulate broad portfolio strategy and assisting with developed market country and global currency research. Before being promoted to Portfolio Manager in 2009, he was a Senior Trader responsible for trading developed and emerging market non-dollar securities as well as all foreign currencies. He joined Standish in 2005 from State Street Research, where he was a Senior Trader responsible for investment grade corporate bonds.

Why Advance selected Standish

Standish is an active manager that aims to outperform from a balanced focus on sector and country allocation, issue selection and duration/yield curve positioning strategies. We favour Standish’s disciplined investment process with its strong emphasis on risk control. The approach is team-based with an emphasis on bottom-up, fundamental research and analysis conducted by the sector strategists. Standish adds value through active sector allocation and credit migration strategies, rather than duration strategies. It combines both qualitative insight and quantitative inputs for each source of added value.