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About TT International

TT International (TT) is a high alpha specialist, offering a range of long only and hedge fund strategies designed to meet clients’ investment objectives.  Founded in 1988, TT has over 20 years' experience of conviction investing and a strong track record of delivering compelling risk-adjusted returns.

TT manages assets of $19bn (as at 30 June 2011) on behalf of a growing number of the world’s leading institutional investors.

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Funds managed

Key personnel

Jeremy Ip

Jeremy joined TT in 2005 to work as an Asian portfolio manager and equity analyst. Prior to joining TT, Jeremy was Vice President and Head of Asian Equities Proprietary Positioning at JP Morgan and before that he was at Goldman Sachs. Jeremy has an MA, MEng from Cambridge University.

Tim Tacchi

Tim Tacchi is the Senior and Founding Partner of TT International. He is responsible for asset allocation and heads European stock selection. Prior to establishing the firm in 1988, Tim was an Investment Director with Fidelity International, responsible for UK and European ERISA business, including stock selection and client relationships. Before joining Fidelity he was an Investment Manager for the UK-based merchant bank Hambros. Tim graduated with an MA from Oxford University. He is married with one child.

Martin Pluck

A Partner of TT International, Martin Pluck joined TT in 2000 where he is a member of the Ideas Factory. Martin has over 20 years’ industry experience. Prior to joining TT, he worked at Clerical Medical Investment Management as Director of Pension Funds. Prior to that he managed a UK Equity Managed Fund. Martin received a BSc (with first class honours) from University of Nottingham. Martin is married with two children. Martin is a keen cricketer.

Oisin Crawley

Oisin Crawley joined TT in 2005 as an Asian equity analyst. In addition he is now the Portfolio Manager for the Developed Asia part of TT’s Active International product. Prior to TT Oisin worked for Morgan Stanley as an Equity Research Analyst. Oisin is of part Asian extraction, spent much of his childhood throughout the region and studied Japanese at Cambridge University from where he graduated in 1999.

Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh joined TT in 2009 as an Analyst focusing on Asia ex-Japan from Ironbound Capital Management, a US-based hedge fund where he was an Analyst/Investment Manager. Deepak joined the Investment Management industry in 1997 having worked at Tata Steel and GE Power Systems out of University. He studied at the Indian institute of Technology where he received a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering and obtained his MBA from New York University in 2003.

Sebastiaan de Bont

Sebastiaan de Bont joined TT in 2010 as an Emerging Markets portfolio manager, based in Hong Kong. As well as having some direct stock selection responsibility in Emerging Asia, Sebastiaan works with Niall Paul in managing our Global Emerging Markets strategy. He also works with Jeremy Ip and the Asian Idea Factory contributing to our coverage in the region. Sebastiaan joined TT from Fideuram Asset Management where he was Head of Emerging Markets and prior to that he worked at Robeco Asset Management where he was a Senior Portfolio Manager covering Emerging Markets.

Reason Advance selected TT International

We selected TT International because of its flexible and adaptive investment approach that is well suited to capture the opportunities but most importantly manage the many risks within Asian markets. We believe its ruthless sell discipline to be a competitive strength, which ensures that the Fund is rigorous in cutting losers and avoiding areas of the markets that carry unacceptable investment risks. Its decision making process is rapid and doesn’t suffer from bureaucracy. We believe its highly active investment approach with top-down considerations blends well with strong bottom-up longer term driven stock picking managers.