Wellington Management

About Wellington Management

Wellington Management Company LLP (Wellington Management) is a private partnership which can trace its roots back to the founding of Wellington Fund in 1928. It’s based in Boston, MA and has offices located across the US, and in Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Zurich. 

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Funds managed

Key personnel

Wellington Management’s Global Aggregate Portfolios are managed by the Global Bond team, Wellington Management’s dedicated team of specialized global fixed income portfolio managers, strategists and a risk manager. Each portfolio manager is responsible for generating investment ideas in their particular area of expertise which is either market sector-, strategy-, or regionally-based. Strategists provide dedicated analysis of the structural and cyclical factors that form expectations for monetary and fiscal policy.

Wellington Management’s Asia ex Japan Portfolio is managed by the Singapore-based Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity Team led by Niraj Bhagwat. The team is supported by Wellington Management’s substantial commitment to independent fundamental research and draws on the research insights of our global industry analysts and our team of macroanalysts.

Why Advance selected Wellington Management

Wellington Management is a well- resourced investment manager with experienced personnel. We favour its focus on investment management and the diversity in the type of assets it has under management. Its Global Aggregate investment approach uses innovative models which consider fundamental, valuation and technical factors and we believe it also uses a good balance of quantitative and qualitative assessments. We also like its research driven team culture and the high quality of its experienced credit analyst team. In Asia, Wellington’s investment approach is active and driven by deep fundamental proprietary hands-on company research at the local level. We believe this is their competitive advantage in a relatively less efficient market such as Asia. Overall, their broad and in-depth research coverage allows them to take a longer horizon and facilitates higher conviction in their stock picks which is an attractive blend with shorter term opportunistic approaches.